Photo © Shaun Maines
Photo © Shaun Maines

Creating content to market yourself requires some thinking and effort, and marketing is about connecting with people and their emotions. There is a big difference between being emotional and sharing your excitement with others.  The more time we spend in our thoughts, the more we separate ourselves from others, so take a break and regroup. 

When you focus on your target audience(s), you will produce a better message. The message must be for the general population, so try to make it easier to read and understand than to be too sophisticated with words. When people can understand you, they will know you are polished. 

 Of course, you will be attached to your thoughts because you have invested in it emotionally. However, the message you are trying to share is about the people and not about you. Rewrite from the audiences' point of view, and the best way to do that is by taking a step back from it. 

It would be best to think about the audiences and their emotional connections; you also have to pay attention to audiences' attention span. Collectively as people, our attention span has shortened drastically. Take, for example, TikTok, Vines, Instagram, and Facebook's video stories in less than 60 seconds are going viral every day. 

Quality outshines quantity, so don't try to use 1,500 filler words to say the same thing that 500 words can say. Instead of getting too emotionally invested in your thoughts, try to write from where you connect emotionally with your audiences. Remember that you are the center of your customers' universe and must create content, products, and services with customers in mind.

The quality of your content depends on your emotional connections with your audiences. - Shaun Maines

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